Our Pledge To You

Here at SubstanceAbuse.com, we uphold the highest standards for accuracy and honesty, as we educate, guide, and inform our visitors on the full spectrum of addiction treatment topics.  Through the collaborative contributions of medical professionals and content writers, we have amassed an up-to-date, trustworthy, and comprehensive library of content on addiction, co-occurring disorders, relapse, and recovery.

Each page on our site has gone through a multi-stage, peer-review, check and revise process to confirm accuracy. All content is written and reviewed by independent and objective healthcare professionals and content writers who work towards the mutual goal of imparting clear, correct, and helpful knowledge to site visitors. We keep track of which professional reviewed which page and when that page was last updated, so that we can re-check our content at regular intervals to ensure everything remains current.

When standards of care, clinical guidelines, and controlled substance classifications change, so does our content. Our reviewers are practicing professionals who stay up to date on practice recommendations and addiction treatment research and developments so that they can provide the best possible care to their own patients, and they bring this conscientiousness to their partnership with SubstanceAbuse.com.

All our medical reviewers are certified healthcare professionals with the educational background and treatment experience to make certain our content is practical, evidence-based, and medically accurate. Although our team of reviewers are trained medical doctors, licensed therapists, and registered nurses, the information provided by SubstanceAbuse.com is not meant to take the place of professional healthcare services.

We hope to play a small, but important role in our visitors’ lives. We provide information and make connections so that individuals can engage face to face with experts in the field of addiction treatment and recovery. We do not provide that treatment ourselves, nor do we seek to replace the advice of addiction treatment providers.

Our mission is to provide insight, understanding, and practical knowledge to people struggling with addiction and to those who love them through a user-friendly website. Awareness is a crucial first step to finding the appropriate guidance for healing wounds and rebuilding lives damaged by addiction. This is a responsibility that our team members take very seriously, from our contributing writers to our consulting medical professionals to our administrative staff.

Together, we seek to support addiction recovery for individuals, and improve awareness of addiction recovery within communities.