Julie Monroe, R.N.

Julie Monroe is a registered nurse, science writer, and blogger who loves to investigate the intersections between science and spirituality. She has worked as a lab scientist in the agricultural and medical device industries and is currently a nurse at a regional hospital near Indianapolis, IN.  She is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Forensic Nursing from Duquesne University.

Julie is passionate about writing on complicated scientific and medical topics in approachable ways that will engage and inform her readers. A lifelong science geek, she works hard to make science accessible and less intimidating to her audiences. She is also a committed mental health advocate who frequently writes on addiction, mental illness, and personal development.

When she’s not working or writing, Julie stays busy chasing her three sons, running, reading, and catching up on her favorite podcasts.

Medical Writer
Bachelor of Science (2003) Science Writing Degree (2016) Bachelor of Nursing (2018)