About Us

Mission Statement

SubstanceAbuse.com is committed to empowering individuals and families suffering from the pain of addiction by acting as an objective, accurate, and comprehensive source of knowledge on substance use disorders and recovery. Through quality information, we hope to connect people to quality addiction treatment.

Our Story

Founded in 2006, SubstanceAbuse.com is owned and funded by Rehab Media Network LLC, however our site’s content is independently created, medically reviewed, and verified. The team at SubstanceAbuse.com understands that addiction recovery is a lifelong journey, and we want people struggling with substance use disorders to start that journey off on the right foot, with informed and effective care.

Learning about substance use disorders and finding the right treatment provider can be intimidating without a guide. We can act as that guide, offering thorough and trustworthy information that enables you and your loved ones to make educated choices about treatment for addiction and its co-occurring disorders.

In Case of Emergency

Although the information provided here is approved by professionals in the field of addiction treatment, SubstanceAbuse.com is not intended to replace advice from medical professionals and treatment providers. We are here to help you find the specialized services you need for recovery, but if you are in an emergency situation and require immediate medical assistance, please call 911.

Our Team

Through the contributions of educated and experienced doctors, nurses, and addiction specialists, SubstanceAbuse.com creates and maintains an up-to-date library of content on addiction, co-occurring disorders, and recovery. Every page on our site has been reviewed by treatment professionals and checked for accuracy.

We provide understanding, insight, and practical information that individuals with substance use disorders can use to help them reclaim their power and rebuild their lives.

Our Core Beliefs

SubstanceAbuse.com is dedicated to high ethical standards that complement and uphold SAMHSA’s principles of care. We believe that a lasting recovery is possible with help, and we seek to connect individuals to the specialized help that they need by embodying the following core beliefs:

  • Compassion
    We promote awareness of the nature of addiction, thereby combating stigma and encouraging everyone to approach the concept of addiction recovery with empathy and without judgement.
  • Accuracy
    All articles on SubstanceAbuse.com have been reviewed for accuracy by treatment specialists who understand the value of up-to-date and correct information.
  • Respect
    We promote the equal treatment of all individuals in recovery, and believe that difference should enrich our communities, not divide them.
  • Teamwork
    By combining the skills of administrators, treatment professionals, and content writers, we approach our mission in the spirit of collaboration.
  • Privacy
    We understand that addiction is a very personal issue and we value the privacy of everyone who visits SubstanceAbuse.com. You can read more about our privacy policy here.
  • Empowerment
    Recovery is about reclaiming and rebuilding lives, and we provide necessary resources and tools to help individuals to seek treatment and begin to rebuild from a place of strength.

Our Commitment to Objectivity

As part of our commitment to providing unbiased and objective information and connecting individuals with the best addiction treatment for their unique needs, SubstanceAbuse.com does not accept advertisements and has no affiliation with any products, services, or treatment centers. The information we offer our visitors includes a variety of treatment options for overcoming addiction, but we do not provide that treatment ourselves, nor do we seek to market specific treatments to the public.

We understand that the choice to seek professional help for addiction is a monumental decision deserving the support of trustworthy information. We endeavor to be both a trustworthy source of information, as well as a safe space, for all our visitors.

Contact Us

We welcome questions from the public, and we are always open to feedback that can help us improve our site and its functionality. Please contact us through the online form here, or through the mail at:

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If you need professional addiction treatment, call SAMHSA’s 24/7 helpline at 1-800-662-4357.

If you require emergency medical assistance, please call 911.