Dr. Joshua M. Gleason, M.D.

Dr. Joshua M. Gleason became a Doctor of Medicine through the Ross University School of Medicine. He is currently applying his medical knowledge at Harvard Medical School where he works as a clinical research fellow, managing a team of sciences, and healthcare professionals through clinical trial procedures. He also assists fellow departments in the creation and advancement of pharmaceutical design, presenting the latest medical insights through peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Gleason is well versed in the study of healthcare, and biology, and currently holds three masters degrees from Quinnipiac University and The University of Massachusetts Amherst, including a Master of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology, a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration, and a Master of Health Science in Biomedical Science. He also earned a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and a Bachelor of Arts (Chemistry).

He has received multiple awards for his scientific work and innovation, as well as his publications in peer-reviewed medical journals. Dr. Gleason has collected and studied data relating to substance use overdose deaths, at UMass Memorial Medical Center, to help outline better ways the medical community can treat these disorders. He works to advocate for patients, and their proper care, ensuring proper information is disseminated to help patience make safe choices.

As a medical editor, Dr. Gleason works to ensure the integrity, and accuracy of information surrounding substance use disorders, and their co-occurring disorders. He prides himself on ensuring all content on SubstanceAbuse.com that he reviews meets the highest level of medical standards, while also remaining accessible to a wider non-medical audience.

Research Scientist
Doctor of Medicine Master of Science (2014) Master of Health Science (2012)