John Nguyen, B.S.

John is a previous medical professional whom through his own personal life experiences with behavioral health became interested in substance use disorders. He graduated summa cum laude from UCLA for his undergraduate studies and attended the UC Davis School of Medicine for medical school where he won the UCDSOM Alumni Association Scholarship. Unfortunately, his medical education was cut short due to these behavioral health issues before he was able to graduate.

Nonetheless, John encountered the endemic issue of substance abuse during his medical training and as such became intimate with the current opioid crisis. He regularly volunteered time at the student-run clinics at his medical school, particularly the Paul Hom Asian Clinic, where concerns regarding substance abuse were palpable. While contemplating a return to medicine, he has considered specializing in psychiatry to help treat mental illness in his community.

For the time being, he currently works as a freelance medical reviewer and technology business strategist. He is also working with a business partner to start a chain of social entrepreneurial addiction rehab centers nationwide. This would involve assisting all victims of trauma, let alone those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, to find the help they need not just psychiatrically but also vocationally so that they can return to the workforce as healthy, functioning members of society.

Medical Writer
Bachelor of Science (2006)