Verified Treatment Providers

Verified treatment providers are licensed drug rehab facilities that have gone through the verification process to ensure they are a quality and accredited treatment center.

How Verification WorksVerified Badge

All verified treatment providers work with the team to ensure all information is accurate and up to date. There could be a small fee associated with this process to cover the cost of the team’s rigorous efforts to provide the most accurate information for each center:

  • team has interviewed a representative of the provider to ensure accuracy
  • The provider has shown proof of licensure within operating states
  • The provider has undergone a manual inspection process from the team and has provided any requested documentation needed to complete the inspection
  • As well as performance reviews to ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date


If you are interested in verifying your treatment facility, please fill out the form here. Benefits of becoming a verified treatment provider include:

  • Providing the most accurate information about your facility for people looking for your services
  • Guarantee inclusion in the site for the city and state you are located in
  • Improved visibility on with badge
  • Potentially improve trust between those seeking treatment in a location with a verified treatment provider due to an increase in information quantity and quality

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