How Can I Find Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment That’s Right For Me?

Afford treatment

When you’re struggling with addiction, getting the right treatment is the key to your recovery. But the cost of many inpatient or outpatient rehab programs can put the treatment you need out of reach. Depending on your circumstances, though, options ranging from sliding fees to no-cost state rehab programs can make addiction treatment more affordable for most people who need it.

Know Your Treatment Options

The first step in finding affordable addiction treatment is to consider what kind of treatment is right for you. Inpatient, or residential, rehab programs generally offer the best option for long-term recovery. These programs typically offer stays of 30 days or longer, with a complete focus on dealing with addiction issues. Full service private inpatient facilities can also offer detox and withdrawal support, along with services such as nutrition or art therapy.

Partial hospitalization is another option for recovery. These programs occupy a middle ground between full inpatient rehab and outpatient programs. In a partial hospitalization program, clients spend their days in the rehab center where they receive the same services offered in inpatient treatment, but they spend their evenings and weekends at home.

Outpatient rehab provides services for people who live at home during the program and come to a rehab center for counseling and group activities. Though these programs aren’t as intensive as inpatient treatment, they can provide long-term support as long as they’re needed.

Inpatient rehab at a private facility offers the most comprehensive treatment for addictions of all kinds, and the costs can be high, reaching tens of thousands of dollars for a complete program. Partial hospitalization programs can cost significantly less, and outpatient rehab offering counseling and groups are generally least expensive.

Rehab Financing Options

To help make rehab more affordable, some private inpatient and outpatient programs offer financing options that can include:

  • A sliding fee scale
  • Payment plans
  • A full “scholarship” for applicants with severe financial need.

Contact the rehab programs in your area for information on their payment options to see if you qualify.

Low or No Cost Rehab Programs

To make rehab available to just about everyone who needs it, a number of state and locally funded inpatient and outpatient rehab programs make services available at no, or very low cost, to those who qualify. These programs are administered by social service agencies in many cities, and referrals can also come through the courts. The federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, provides a free, regularly updated directory of agencies that administer state funded addiction services in every state.

The waiting list for state funded inpatient rehabs can be long, and most of these facilities lack the amenities and extra services offered in private rehabs. Many of these programs offer outpatient services to keep people focused on recovery while they wait for a place in a residential facility or hospital.

Local nonprofit organizations in your city or state may also offer rehab services at no cost, or at a very reduced cost. These rehab and recovery services are typically offered on an outpatient basis, and funding comes from a combination of grants and private donations. Some organizations restrict services to special populations, such as pregnant women or people with disabilities. Check with individual programs for information on how to qualify.

Medicare and Medicaid

If you qualify for Medicare Part A and B, the cost of some inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment is automatically covered in every state. Depending on your circumstances and the cost of the program you select, you may have to make a co-payment.

Medicaid, a state health care program for people with very low incomes, seniors and the disabled, can cover some rehab services, but those vary by state. In states that have accepted expanded Medicare coverage under the Affordable Care Act, basic substance abuse treatment services are generally covered. Contact your state’s Medicare and Medicaid offices for information on services and how to qualify.

Getting the right treatment for your addiction is the first step toward recovery. With options ranging from rehab financing to free state programs, you can find the treatment you need at a price you can afford.