Dr. Gerard M. DiLeo, MD

Dr. Gerard M. DiLeo is a Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP), medical doctor, and published medical author at McGraw-Hill. He has contributed health articles to newspapers and regional magazines for over 30 years, and is part of the medical writing team here at SubstanceAbuse.com

During his practicing medical career, Dr. DiLeo worked at the University of South California (USF) as the Director of Pelvic Pain. At USF Dr.DiLeo was part of a team of inventors who created the electronic catheter stethoscope (eCath). He has also worked in private practice, achieving the esteemed position of Chief-of-Staff twice.

Treating patients in the field of pelvic pain, Dr. DiLeo regularly experienced the challenges surrounding chronic pain management, and the dependence caused by prescription opioids. It is for that reason that he has advocated for better pain management practices, including setting out protocols to protect patients who are at risk of addiction, when they are treated for pelvic pain.

Outside of the hospital, Dr. DiLeo went on to teach his pain management insight to attending medical staff, medical students, and residents, in a teaching position he maintained for five years. Today he write for professionals, as he hopes to raise awareness to prescribing practices through his long career in pelvic pain management.

Doctor of Medicine (1977)
Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program (1981)