How Can I Afford Treatment?

There are many options you have that can help you afford the care you need for addiction recovery. We can help you find the best rehab centers for your specific needs; just call 800 774 5796.

Treatment Has Varying Costs

Not every rehab program is a luxury facility with a pool, a spa, and giant, private rooms. Many facilities offer all the treatment options a person will require in order to recover safely from addiction and none of the additional frills usually associated with luxury or expensive rehab. However, addiction can take a severe toll on one’s finances, and it can seem like a difficult task to pay for even the most minimal treatment program. Luckily, you will have certain options that can help you afford the care you need.


Your insurance plan can help you immensely in paying for addiction treatment and additional recovery care. According to, “Mental and behavioral therapy services are essential health benefits,” which means all insurance plans sold on the Healthcare Marketplace must cover substance use disorder treatment.

Many private and group insurance plans, like those you purchase through the private market or those you gain through your employer, also cover part or all of certain treatment programs for addiction. You can be matched with rehab centers that will accept your insurance plan today by calling 800 774 5796.

Treatment Financing

Afford Treatment

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In most cases, though, insurance plans will cover most or part of your care but will not cover everything you require for a safe recovery. Therefore, you may still have to pay for certain portions of your treatment out of pocket. If you do, you can finance these costs instead of paying for everything up front.

Most rehab centers will ask patients to pay a certain amount of their out of pocket expenses up front and then allow them to pay for the rest in increments over time. This can help patients attend care when they need it without having to pay everything all at once.

Ask for Help

Your friends and family members will likely want to see you put an end to your substance abuse and will want to help you get the assistance you need in order to do so. If they can help by agreeing to pay for a certain amount of your care, they may be willing to do so. It is important to remember that, though it can sometimes feel this way, you are not in this alone. Your doctors, nurses, friends, and family will all want to see your succeed, and in many cases, the involvement of a loved one actually improves treatment outcomes (NIDA).

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How Do I Find a Rehab Center that Fits My Budget?

Let us help you find a program that suits your needs and won’t cause you to break the bank. We can also match you with a facility that will accept your insurance plan and answer your questions about recovery. Call 800 774 5796 now to put an end to your substance abuse and to find safe, affordable rehab.

How Long Does Rehab Take?